Pregnant women should not overnutrition

Pregnant women should not overnutrition
Pregnant women should not overnutrition

        Some pregnant women have a particularly good appetite. Not only they eat more, but also the food they eat is quite nutritious, and they rarely exercise. They think this is conducive to the growth and development of the fetus and the delivery of pregnant women. In fact, this way of eating can easily make pregnant women fat, and also make the fetus too large, causing difficulty in childbirth.
        Pregnant women eat too much of various foods every day, especially sugar and fatty foods, and overnutrition occurs, which will lead to high blood pressure of the pregnant woman and cause the fetus to grow into a "giant baby". At present, the main cause of parturient death is caused by pregnancy-induced hypertension; another reason is the dystocia caused by the "giant baby", the prolonged delivery period, the weak uterine contraction, and the postpartum hemorrhage; some parturient obesity makes it difficult to breastfeed, and could not feed the child in time, the mammary duct is blocked, causing acute mastitis.
        Therefore, pregnant women should eat a reasonable diet, neither undernutrition nor overnutrition. That is to achieve moderate nutrition, match meat and vegetables, and pay attention to activities. Prevent the appearance of hypertension and "giant babies" caused by overnutrition.
        In short, pregnant women can always pay attention to measuring their own weight during pregnancy, closely observe the changes in weight, and find abnormalities in the hospital in time to ensure the health of the mother and the normal growth and development of the fetus.


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