Learning to reject is also a social skill

Learning to reject is also a social skill
Learning to reject is also a social skill

   It is very important to learn to reject others, because people who like to take advantage will always exist in this world. If you will not reject unreasonable requests from others, you will be taken advantage of for a lifetime. I'm not saying that everyone is a bad guy who likes to take advantage of others, but if a person is too weak and does not have his own firm opinions, friends around him will be slowly spoiled and unconsciously become a bit of advantage to themselves without guilt.
   People with weak hearts have no self, low self-confidence, will not or dare not reject others face to face, only blindly satisfy or accept others' requirements, and fall into a vicious relationship of exploitation. Is this a friend relationship? This is clearly a master-servant relationship.
So how do you reject others scientifically?
   1. The reason for rejection must be true
   Some people feel embarrassed when rejecting others, so they dare not tell the truth. As a result, the others can't figure out what they really mean and cause many unnecessary misunderstandings.
   2. Don't hurt others
   Everyone is afraid of being rejected by others. Therefore, when rejecting others, as long as the self-esteem of the others is taken into consideration, the tension in the relationship can be avoided.
   3. Persuade other with friendship
   To make your own opinions not arouse the others' disgust, it is best for themselves to understand that you are his most loyal friend.
Learn the right way to reject
   Reject early: The longer the time, the more hopeful the others feels.
   Attitude must be firm: Make sure that the others is aware of your attitude.
   Choose the right occasion: When rejecting someone, be sure not to be in a crowded place, otherwise it will embarrass the other person.


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