Breast hyperplasia treatment principles of traditional Chinese medicine

Breast hyperplasia treatment principles of traditional Chinese medicine
Breast hyperplasia treatment principles of traditional Chinese medicine

        Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the causes of breast hyperplasia are mostly related to the dysfunction of the viscera and the loss of Qi and blood, especially weak spleen or overeating spicy, fatty, sweet and thick taste, which can damage the spleen, and occur dysfunction of transportation, dampness gathering and become phlegm, or natural introversion, emotional depression, sulking or irritable temperament, or being injured by the seven emotions, excessive anxiety, causing liver failure in dredging and generating phlegm, etc. , all of them can cause phlegm and dampness to accumulate, Qi and blood stagnation and form masses.
Traditional Chinese medicine treatment principles
   Breast hyperplasia is clinically dominated by breast pain and breast lumps, and it is mostly related to changes in menstrual cycle emotions, overwork and other factors, or with nipple pain and discharge. Its incidence rate has already accounted for the first place in breast disease. Studies at home and abroad have shown that breast hyperplasia is definitely related to the occurrence of breast cancer. Breast epithelial hyperplasia significantly increases the risk of cancer.
   1. Soothing the liver and regulating Qi
Patients with breast hyperplasia usually have depression, worry or anxiety, irritability, chest tightness and belching. Breast pain is related to changes in the size of lumps, as well as related to mood. Therefore, soothing the liver and regulating Qi is the main principle for the treatment of breast hyperplasia.
   2. Promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.
   Breast pain and lumps are the main symptoms, both of them are manifestations of blood stasis. Worry, irritation, depression, will inevitably lead to poor liver Qi, blocked Qi, making blood flow impeded, meridian obstruction, Qi stagnation and blood stasis, clotting, and pain if it is blocked. In treatment, attention must be paid to promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.
   3. Resolve phlegm and soften firmness, reduce swelling and dispel lumps.
Excessive thinking hurts the spleen, stagnation of the liver and qi can cause the spleen to lose health, phlegm and dampness will generate, accumulate dampness to form phlegm, and if liver stagnated for a long time, will change heat to fire, then phlegm, Qi, and stasis combine to form breast hyperplasia. Therefore, reducing phlegm, softening firmness, reducing swelling and dissipating masses can promote swelling and pain to dissipate.


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