TCM treatment of breast hyperplasia

TCM treatment of breast hyperplasia
TCM treatment of breast hyperplasia

   Breast hyperplasia is the most common breast disease. The patients with the disease are becoming younger and younger. Breast hyperplasia is neither inflammation nor tumor. It is a phenomenon of normal breast lobule physiological hyperplasia and incomplete redintegration. It is more common in women who are less breast-feeding, are over 30 years old, unmarried and not pregnant, and like to be angry. 
  Generally, under a long-term stress and anxiety environment, it is easier to disrupt the individual's secretory system, leading to abnormal phenomena, leading to increased PRL secretion, which will lead to breast hyperplasia. In TCM, it is believed that stagnation of liver Qi and obstruction of the veins of the mammary are unreasonable, it will lead to feel breast pain before menstruation. The pain will increase significantly before menstruation. In severe cases, the pain will continue unabated even after menstruation.. 
  What are the treatment methods for breast hyperplasia?  
  1. Chinese patent medicine treatment.
First, you can eat Xiao Yao pills, Xi Huang pills and other Chinese patent medicines that can relieve the liver and regulate Qi, resolve phlegm and dispel stagnation, and are mainly suitable for patients with liver Qi stagnation type breast hyperplasia.
Second, you can take Liu Wei Di Huang pills and Er Zhi pills, which are suitable for patients with liver and kidney Yin deficiency, and mainly play the role of regulating liver and kidney, resolving phlegm and dispelling stagnation.
Third, you can take Xiao Jin Dan and San Jie Ling to warm the kidney and calm the liver.
  2. External paste therapy can be used. The advantage of the external paste treatment method is that it is convenient and can be treated anytime and anywhere, and it is a safer and more effective treatment method without the constraints of place and time.  
  3. Acupuncture therapy. Mainly take DanZhong, WuYi, HeGu, and ZuSanLi as the main acupuncture points. The main intensity is suitable for the patient to accept. Acupuncture is performed once every ten minutes, and the needle is retained for 20 minutes each time. Ten times is a course of treatment. The treatments should be separated by three to five days to allow the body to adapt, and the treatment should be stopped during menstruation.  
  In fact, patients with breast hyperplasia should develop an optimistic and cheerful personality, be less angry, eat more whole grains, black fungus and other beneficial foods, and eat less fried foods.


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