Definition and symptoms of marriage phobia

Definition and symptoms of marriage phobia
Definition and symptoms of marriage phobia

What is marriage phobia?
    As the wedding day approaches, many prospective couples will have an inexplicable fear, and even have the idea of ​​running away. Marriage phobia refers to the fear of marriage before marriage. The main reason is that they are not psychologically prepared for marriage and are afraid of facing the life after marriage.
Symptoms of marriage phobia
        1. Every relationship is nervous, uneasy, and afraid when it comes to talking about marriage.
        2. Feeling that the boyfriend you have been with for a long time is unreliable or has many problems (this feeling is not obvious before in-depth contact or talk about marriage).
        3. Lost emotional control, feel that your boyfriend is insecure, and often quarrel with your boyfriend over trivial things that don't matter whether they are right or wrong.
        4. The idea of ​​terminating the relationship often pops up in the brain.
        5. Fear of being a wife, facing the complicated relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law and family responsibilities, consider that the family is the grave.
        6. Feel that marriage is an unbearable shackle and burden.
        7. Feel that it is impossible to have the happiness of marriage.
        8. Distrust that there are reliable men and safe marriages in the world.
        If you are over 27 years old and have the above points, then you may be currently suffering from marriage phobia.


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