The cause and prevention of marriage phobia

The cause and prevention of marriage phobia
The cause and prevention of marriage phobia

        What is the cause and prevention of marriage phobia?
The cause of marriage phobia
        1. Marriage phobia first comes from the negative propaganda of social public opinion on marriage life, and the analysis of various marriage issues by some media has "exposed" the dark side of marriage too much, making people with "marriage intentions" feel that this kind of invisible pressure leads to excessive worry about the "going" of life after marriage and fear of marriage failure. Another reason is that one party is not very satisfied with the other party in something, or don't know whether some shortcomings of the other party can be changed after marriage, and have doubts about whether can adapt.
        2. Marriage phobia first appeared in the stage of marriage talks, mainly because of doubts and fears about the persistence of marriage. The second stage, has the symptoms of fear, tension, anxiety and other symptoms that occurred one month before or one week before marriage. Different from the first stage, the reason for the marriage phobia at this time is the expansion of the degree of difficulty in life after marriage.
The prevention of marriage phobia
        1. Before deciding to get married, it is best to objectively analyze the situation of both side, such as personality, work, family status, etc., to be clear about each other's strengths and weaknesses, and what you want, so as not to find out each other after marriage many new features, and regret it.
        2. In the management of the marriage, you may make a list of the things that need to be prepared before marriage, and the two parties will have a good job, so that it will be clearer. If economic conditions permit, all kinds of trivial matters of the wedding can also be arranged by the wedding company.
        3. Relax, although marriage is very sacred, don't put too much pressure on yourself because of marriage. In addition to seeking help from a psychologist, you can also relax yourself by taking a bath, listening to relaxing music, practicing yoga, etc.
        4. Allow enough time for both parties to make appropriate psychological adjustments. This includes, clarifying where your anxiety is, and choosing response strategies based on the problem. You can also listen to wedding counseling or read such books, and you can also learn some specific life skills and talk more with your fiance, especially the arrangements and ideas for life after marriage. When anxiety arises, start to cope and change, instead of just getting worried and helpless, the emotional state may change.
        5. In this extraordinary period before the wedding, we should communicate more with good friends and family members to gain spiritual comfort, eliminate inner timidity, and return to normal life faster.


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