Will cervical erosion affect fertility?

Will cervical erosion affect fertility?
Will cervical erosion affect fertility?

What is cervical erosion?
   Cervical erosion, also known as cervical columnar epithelial ectopic, is a very common gynecological disease. The incidence of cervical erosion is very high, and many women have it, but the symptoms are mild or severe.
   What are the symptoms of cervical erosion?
   Cervical erosion is actually a normal physiological phenomenon without any special clinical manifestations. Some people may have contact bleeding, but it is only the individual difference of the cervix. Just like some people chew on hard things, some blood will come out of their teeth or mouth. If there is an increase in vaginal discharge, yellowing, and peculiar smell, it is the performance of cervical inflammation.
   Will cervical erosion affect fertility?
   Women suffering from cervical erosion cannot generally say that they are fertile or infertile. For those with mild symptoms, there is no infertility. However, those with severe cervical erosion have a certain impact on becoming pregnant.
   If it is only a simple cervical erosion, without contact bleeding, abnormal leucorrhea, lower abdominal distension and other uncomfortable symptoms, and the cervical cytology inspection is normal, you can become pregnant. Even if there is mild inflammation in patients with cervical erosion, it will not affect pregnancy, so the harm of mild cervical erosion does not affect fertility.
       If patients with cervical erosion are accompanied by inflammation, such as purulent leucorrhea in the cervix, and infection with pathogenic bacteria such as chlamydia or gonococcal infection, it will cause the cervical mucus to become thick and contain a large number of white blood cells, which is harmful to the movement of sperm. Penetration will affect becoming pregnant. Therefore, women with severe cervical erosion cannot have children. They need to actively treat cervical erosion and try pregnancy after the symptoms of cervicitis improve. Otherwise, the bacteria will move up the cervix during pregnancy, which may cause complications such as premature rupture of membranes.


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