Can patients with uterine fibroids become pregnant?

Can patients with uterine fibroids become pregnant?
Can patients with uterine fibroids become pregnant?

        Uterine fibroids are the most common benign tumors in women. Many women are preparing to become pregnant or are pregnant in the obstetrics and gynecology clinics. When the uterine fibroids are found during the B-ultrasound examination, they will consider it like a big enemy and extremely nervous, because they think uterine fibroids will affect pregnancy and cause miscarriage. Is this the truth? Here are a few of the most common problems, let's analyze what to do when pregnancy encounters uterine fibroids.
        What should you do if uterine fibroids are found during pregnancy?
        The size of uterine fibroids must be closely monitored during pregnancy. If it is the first trimester and the fibroids grow faster, you must be more careful, listen to the doctor's advice, cooperate with the treatment, and actively prevent threatened abortion. If the growth rate of fibroids is stable, just monitor closely.
        Will uterine fibroids affect pregnancy?
        Will the growth of uterine fibroids affect pregnancy? It depends on the location, size, and a number of fibroids. From the inside to the outside, the uterine cavity is divided into a mucosal layer, muscular wall layer, and serosal layer in turn. Generally speaking, subserosal fibroids have little effect on pregnancy, fibroids that grow under the uterine mucosa have the greatest impact on pregnancy, and the rate of infertility is the highest. This is because the fibroids under the mucosa will directly hinder the implantation of the fertilized egg, or because the fibroids occur at the entrance of the fallopian tube, they pull or twist the fallopian tube and prevent sperm from entering the fallopian tube. Clinically, infertility caused by fibroids is rare. Most uterine fibroids are accompanied by ovarian dysfunction that can cause infertility.
        In addition, different tumor sizes have different effects on becoming pregnant. Generally speaking, tumors with a diameter of less than 5 cm and no obvious symptoms generally do not affect fertility, and the malignant transformation rate of uterine fibroids is also small.


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