3 wrong ways to drink soy milk

3 wrong ways to drink soy milk
3 wrong ways to drink soy milk

        Soy milk is one of many people's favorites for breakfast. Nutritionist say that drinking a 400ml bottle of sugar-free soy milk a day is equivalent to ingesting 2 servings of protein. However, soy milk cannot replace water and milk, and you must pay attention to sugar intake.
        Soy milk contains natural soy isoflavones and lecithin. It is also suitable for people who gain muscle and lose fat, and are more suitable for vegetarians' daily supplementation.
        In addition, the nutritionist also cited the following wrong behaviors that people often have when drinking soy milk:
1. Drink soy milk as water
        Soy milk, like fresh milk, is a protein-rich drink. Drinking water is likely to cause a burden on the kidneys. It is ok to drink 400 ml of sugar-free soy milk a day; other sources of protein can be ingested from seafood, fish, eggs, and meat.
2. Don't like sugar-free soy milk
        Taking sugar-containing soy milk for example, a 400 ml bottle of soy milk contains about 4 to 5 cubes of sugar, which has 80-100 calories more than sugar-free soy milk. It is easy to get fat by drinking frequently, so it is relatively healthy to choose sugar-free soy milk.
3. Use soy milk instead of fresh milk
        Many people think that soy milk has a high calcium content, but in fact, 100 ml of soy milk contains only 14 mg of calcium. Therefore, if you want to supplement calcium, it is recommended to take high calcium milk, sugar-free yogurt, cheese and other dairy products, or dark green vegetables, small square tofu, black sesame and other foods.


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