What are the causes of frequent constipation?

What are the causes of frequent constipation?
What are the causes of frequent constipation?

        Constipation is a very uncomfortable thing. Too many toxins in the body, it make people fearful to think about it, not to mention people who are often constipated. They should be prone to obesity, dark yellow complexion, and always have a sick face. Often constipation, it is common that primary intestinal peristalsis is slow, stool delivery is delayed, etc. What are the causes of frequent constipation?
    The clinical summary of the causes of frequent constipation may have several major items: psychological factors, slow intestinal motility, hyperactive intestinal motility, insufficient intestinal stimulation, lack of defecation motivation, weakened irritability, diet adjustment, and other factors.
        Psychological factors mainly say that people with constipation are prone to emotional tension, and their attention is only focused on a certain job, which leads to severe mental stimulation, leading to autonomic disorders and constipation.
        Most people with constipation are mainly caused by slow intestinal movement. When the intestine lacks various nutrients, it leads to endocrine disorders, resulting in slow digestion of the food ingested, and even spastic contraction. The longer, the more serious constipation, mainly because the spasm of the colon has formed hard stools, which will eventually lead to the symptoms of constipation and difficult bowel movements.
        Frequent constipation has a great relationship with daily diet and water intake. There is too little fiber in the diet, and the effective stimulation of the intestine is reduced, and it cannot cause reflex peristalsis of the rectum, which leads to too much time for food residues in the intestine. After a long time, the water has been absorbed, and eventually, the stool is dry and it becomes very difficult to discharge.
        If you want to improve this symptom, you must first start with your diet, eat more raw sugar, eat more foods high in fiber, and fresh fruits and vegetables. It can strengthen the absorption of intestinal water and soften hard stools. When choosing food, vitamin B containing products have a special effect relieving on constipation, strengthen intestinal peristalsis. And with appropriate exercise, it is best to walk briskly instead of running.
        The combination of diet and exercise can effectively regulate the symptoms of constipation. There are also some special groups of people who have symptoms of constipation, because the disease has undergone surgery that has damaged the muscles around the anus, or is frail in old age, pregnant women will have symptoms of constipation after delivery. Only with the passage of time and reasonable handling, it will gradually ease.


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