The nutritional value and edible method of baby corn

The nutritional value and edible method of baby corn
The nutritional value and edible method of baby corn

        Although baby corn and corn are grown from the same root, they are not only completely different in nutritional value but also different in food classification.
        Many people think that corn and baby corn are different foods, but in fact, the baby corn are the young ears of corn, and the young ears of corn are harvested as baby corn with shells. If they are not harvested, they continue to grow and become sweetness higher and more starchy, so the nutritional value of baby corn and corn is quite different. In the six major food categories, corn is the staple food of grains and rhizomes, while baby corn are classified as vegetables. 
        In terms of nutrition comparison, starchy corn has a caloric value of 107Kcal, while baby corn are only 31Kcal. The corn have more and more starch, with a total carbohydrate content of 17.8g, while baby corn are 5.8g. Corn is equal to half a bowl of rice calories (140 kcal).
        A girl once thought that corn is a vegetable and would not get fat. She ate 8 boiled corn in a day. Of course, she didn't lose weight at all, and she gained 2 kilograms in a week. Therefore, we especially remind you that you must replace the corn with the amount of rice, to avoid excessive intake of starch.
        When buying baby corn, be sure to choose the shelled to keep the nutrients more complete; in addition, don't throw away the stripped corn silk. People who are prone to swelling can use this to boil it into corn silk water, which is rich in potassium ions. It can eliminate excessive sodium in the body and has a great effect on diuresis and edema.
        The freshly picked baby corn are crispy, tender, and delicious. With its cute shape and bright color, it is known as a versatile ingredient. The baby corn are wrapped in sushi or vegetable rolls, while carrots, asparagus, and other vegetables are wrapped, it is convenient for eating, increasing the pleasure of eating and drinking.
        Freshly picked baby corn without peeling leaves can be roasted directly in the oven. The baby corn are eaten together with the corn silk, which not only has a special taste but also has the effect of protecting the prostate.
        The unpeeled baby corn should be kept in a cool room, or packed in a plastic bag and put in the refrigerator. It can be stored for about a week. When cooking, just draw with a straight knife to remove the baby corn and corn silks and cook them together, after cooked, eat the baby corn directly or with sauce.

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