Classification and daily care of scabies

Classification and daily care of scabies
Classification and daily care of scabies

        Scabies is a skin disease, and it is a special skin disease. It is a contact infectious skin disease caused by scabies mites in the epidermis of human skin. It can spread among families and contacts. The clinical manifestations are characterized by papules, blisters, and tunnels in the tender skin, pruritic nodules in the scrotum, and increased itching at night. According to the affected population, scabies can be divided into the following types:
   (1) Adult scabies:
   Adults suffering from scabies begin to manifest as itching, small red papules, small blisters of papules, tunnels, and eventually, may evolve into scabies nodules and scabies scabs.
   (2) Elderly scabies:
   Severe itching and weak response to scabies, so there is no obvious inflammation. More common on the back.
   (3) Infant scabies:
It is difficult to find tunnels and scabies mites. The rashes are atypical and usually occur on the head and face. The tunnels are light and shallow in color and faintly linear. The base is mildly inflamed and pink. It is easy to accompany water sickness, and it is easy to see through the stratum corneum that the worm spots appear as small white dot-like protrusions.
   In addition, when scabies is serious, scabies nodules will form, that is nodular scabies, which are more common in the scrotum, buttocks, abdomen, and thighs. It is reddish-brown and itchy, and it gradually disappears after several months to more than a year.
   The following is the nursing knowledge of scabies, hope it can help every patient.
   1. Scabies patients should wash exposed clothes, bedding, pillows, etc. with boiling water, and use individual washbasins, buckets, and towels alone to avoid infecting other people. It is found that the patient should be isolated in time and treated thoroughly.
   2. The patient should be observed for 1 week after healed, and no new condition is considered to be cured, because it takes 1 week for the scabies eggs to develop into adults.
   3. Develop good habits: To prevent scabies, pay attention to develop good living habits, pay attention to indoor hygiene, and keep the room dry and clean.
   The treatment of scabies is different from other diseases, and daily care is also very important. Many patients with scabies have aggravated or recurred due to inadequate care. I hope everyone can pay attention to it.


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