How to prevent the recurrence of uremia

How to prevent the recurrence of uremia
How to prevent the recurrence of uremia

  Uremia is a very difficult disease to treat. Many patients cannot realize that they are suffering from uremia in time in the early stage. After diagnosis, they need long-term dialysis treatment to maintain their lives. Some patients with uremia are recovering well because of their early detection and mild symptoms. However, uremia is easy to relapse. How to prevent the recurrence of uremia has become the focus of many patients.
  1. Diet conditioning
  To prevent the recurrence of uremia, we must first start with the diet in life. Patients should strictly control their protein intake and adopt a low-protein diet daily to minimize the nitrogen in the body. At the same time, fast foods with high cadmium content, such as animal liver, animal kidney, certain mushrooms, certain seafood foods, and some vegetables that grow in sludge. Too much salt should not be added to food, and low-sodium salt can be used instead of ordinary table salt. Patients should also pay attention to their daily water intake to reduce the amount of urine. Uremia patients should pay attention to a light diet and at the same time ensure that they take in enough nutrients daily to maintain normal physical fitness.
   2. Daily care
   If you are suffering from colds, fevers, and other diseases, you must take the medicine under the guidance of your doctor. Avoid taking medicines that damage the kidneys. Choose medicines that are non-nephrotoxic and have quick effects. Try to shorten the time of taking the medicine so as not to increase the burden on the kidneys.
  Many patients with uremia suffer from high blood pressure, hyperglycemia, and kidney disease. They must actively treat the primary disease and control the condition of these diseases, so as not to aggravate the condition and cause the recurrence of uremia.
   Frequent follow-up visits to the hospital are something that every uremia patient must pay attention to. Don't relax your vigilance because the condition is controlled or relieved. Enhancing follow-up is necessary to detect the condition of uremia.
   Adjust one's own living habits, three meals a day are fixed and quantitative, never stay up late, can cooperate with appropriate physical exercise, pay attention to strengthen prevention during the epidemic season. Good living habits are very helpful for disease control.
   Maintain a good mentality, don't get helpless because of uremia, and don't worry about the condition all day long. Maintaining an active mood of fighting against diseases, and building up confidence in fighting against diseases are very beneficial to physical recovery.

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