Eating garlic in moderation is good for the body

Eating garlic in moderation is good for the body
Eating garlic in moderation is good for the body

   Many people don't eat garlic on weekdays. They think garlic is too irritating and has a strong taste. People who often eat garlic are prone to bad breath, so even when they are cooking, they will add garlic and stir-fry together, some people who don't eat garlic will pick out the garlic and don't eat it at all. Garlic is good for body and people should learn to eat garlic. Here are some benefits of eating garlic in moderation to help people maintain their health.
   What are the health benefits of eating garlic in moderation?
   1. Regulate blood sugar
   The nutrients contained in garlic can effectively regulate blood sugar. Eating garlic in moderation every day can also lower blood lipids and keep people away from high blood lipids.
   2. Make the brain more flexible
   In addition to a lot of vitamin B1 in garlic, when the body's glucose is converted into brain energy, it needs the participation of vitamin B1 to play a supporting role. Eating more garlic on weekdays can provide sufficient energy, nourish brain cells, and make your thinking more agile.
   3. Eliminate fatigue
   Garlic contains allicin, and when it meets with vitamin B1, which has a stress-reducing effect, it can relieve body fatigue. People who do heavy work on weekdays and are prone to fatigue, can eat pork with garlic. Because pork contains more vitamin B1, and it is delicious when it is fried with garlic.
   4. Sterilization and anti-inflammatory
   When you have influenza, you can drink some garlic soup. Because it contains allicin, it has anti-inflammatory effects. In addition, it also contains propylene sulfate which has a bactericidal effect. Therefore, garlic is called a natural antibiotic.
   If you want to prevent colds and prevent gynecological inflammation, you should eat more garlic, which is natural sterilizing food.


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