Five causes of prostate hyperplasia

Five causes of prostate hyperplasia
Five causes of prostate hyperplasia

   Many men do not cultivate a good lifestyle in their daily lives, which leads to prostatic hyperplasia due to prolonged hematoma in the prostate. When prostate hyperplasia is still in the early stage of the disease, it is generally not too serious. What we are required to do is to find out what the cause of prostate hyperplasia is, and actively treat the prostatic hyperplasia. What is the cause of prostate hyperplasia? The following is a detailed explanation of the causes of prostate hyperplasia.
   1. Addicted to alcohol
Many men have the habit of drinking alcohol in the past, and they drink a lot at some time. Ethanol is very harmful to the body. Prolonged drinking will cause the prostate to be in hematoma, and it will become prostatic hyperplasia over time.
   2. Too much sex life
   If a man has excessive sexual intercourse in his daily life in the past, prostate hematoma will occur, and the prostate will also become enlarged due to blood accumulation over time.
   3. Long sitting
Sitting for a long time is also very easy to cause prostate hyperplasia. Because part of the blood circulatory system in the prostate is not very complete during the long sitting period, it leads to prostatic aortic hyperplasia. Looking forward to people sitting in the company office, after sitting there for a while , also stand up for a activity.
   4. Prostatitis progresses
   Some patients' prostate hyperplasia is caused by prostatitis. This kind of patients is not comprehensive in the treatment of prostatitis, leading to prostate hyperemia and swelling, and some inflammatory chemicals combine causes prostate hyperplasia. Inflammation of some other male reproductive organs, such as urinary tract infections, chronic cystitis, cystitis, etc., can also cause prostate congestion and endanger benign prostatic hyperplasia.
   5. Often take stimulating food
   Often eating stimulating foods is very harmful to men, such as garlic, ginger slices, pepper, etc. Long-term use will cause telangiectasia and prostate congestion, and then cause prostate hyperplasia.


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