Prostatic hyperplasia diet taboo

Prostatic hyperplasia diet taboo
Prostatic hyperplasia diet taboo

        As a common disease in middle-aged and elderly men, more people are beginning to pay attention to the dietary problems of prostatic hyperplasia. Which foods are easy to aggravate the symptoms of prostatic hyperplasia? Which foods have a preventive effect on prostatic hyperplasia?
   1. Soy products prevent prostatic hyperplasia.
   In terms of diet, although zinc is beneficial to the treatment of prostatitis, excessive intake may lead to the risk of prostatic hyperplasia. In daily life, you can eat more soy products, because some of the phytoestrogens contained in soy products and flaxseed can inhibit prostatic hyperplasia.
   2. What aggravates prostatic hyperplasia?
   Coffee: Patients with prostatic hyperplasia should pay special attention to drinking fewer drinks containing alcohol and caffeine.
   Chili: Patients with prostatic hyperplasia should pay attention to avoid eating too much spicy and irritating food (such as strong tea, mustard, chili, etc.) in their diet.
   Certain drugs: Avoid taking drugs that affect the contraction of the bladder.
   3. Good living habits can help alleviate the condition
   A daily balanced diet, moderate exercise to control weight and avoid obesity, even if prostatic hyperplasia has occurred, if you can control your weight well, you can also slow down the speed of prostatic growth and reduce the severity of urination disorders.
   Maintain a brisk walk for two to three hours a week. Studies have confirmed that if men continue to walk briskly for two to three hours a week, the incidence of prostatic hyperplasia will be reduced by about a quarter.
   Do not suddenly swell the bladder with a large amount of water.
   People with severe nocturia should drink less water before going to bed.

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