Can girls eat more red dates to replenish blood?

Can girls eat more red dates to replenish blood?
Can girls eat more red dates to replenish blood?

  Red dates are a good health care product, and what everyone values ​​is its blood-tonifying effect. The purpose of eating red dates is to prevent iron deficiency anemia through iron supplementation. But iron is divided into two types, namely heme iron, and non-heme iron. The former mainly comes from animal liver, animal whole blood, animal meat, etc., with an absorption rate as high as about 20%; the latter mainly comes from plant foods such as red dates or dairy products, but the absorption rate is low, only 3%-5%. Therefore, the red dates can't play a role in nourishing blood.
  Red dates are rich in nutritional value, have the effects of nourishing Qi, blood, and calming the nerves. Long-term moderate consumption has a certain health effect on the human body. But because jujube is warm food, eating too much can cause symptoms of inflammation. It is recommended to drink more boiled water, or drink American ginseng and wolfberry tea, or chrysanthemum tea to clear away heat and reduce the fire.
  Who can't eat red dates
  1. With hot body
  Red dates are warm. If people with dry and hot physiques eat red dates, it will aggravate the fever. Women with hot menstrual physiques are not suitable for eating red dates, which may cause excessive menstrual blood flow and injury.
  2. Diabetes
  Red dates contain a lot of sugar and are not suitable for diabetics.
  3. People with habitual constipation
  Jujube skin is high in fiber, not easy to digest, people with poor gastrointestinal tract, people with bloating, and people with habitual constipation must not eat more.
   4. Women with menstrual edema
  Red rates is sweet food. If you eat too much, it will produce phlegm and moisture, and the accumulation of moisture in the body will increase the edema. Such women should not eat red dates.

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