What are the hazards of onychomycosis

What are the hazards of onychomycosis
What are the hazards of onychomycosis

        Onychomycosis is relatively contagious. Once it is affected, one may infect two, and two may infect all toenails. What are the hazards of onychomycosis? The five major hazards can not be ignored.
        1. Harm to aesthetics
        Generally speaking, onychomycosis is caused by fungal infection, this kind of onychomycosis is off-white, and brown, gray-brown or dark brown. At the same time, there will be thickening, brittleness, and layering of the nail plate. It is broken, or there is a hollow in the middle of the deck, or the edge of the deck is uneven, or the deck is incomplete, and the nails are not shiny. Such toenails are a heavy blow to girls who love beauty, affect the beauty of girls, and even bring heavy pressure to the psychology.
    2. Highly infectious
    Because onychomycosis is relatively contagious, it causes great troubles to the patient's family members, who may be infected if they are not careful, and there is also great discrimination against onychomycosis in some public places.
    3. Seriously affect the choice of work
After suffering from onychomycosis, many jobs, such as doctors, nurses, and public relations work, are not allowed. Because onychomycosis affects the appearance of the nails, the overall image will be greatly reduced. Therefore, many image-focused jobs are also restricted, such as receptionists and flight attendants, fashion model, etc.
         4. Produce psychological barriers
    Patients suffering from onychomycosis, due to repeated frustrations during the treatment of onychomycosis, coupled with the impact of onychomycosis on work, marriage, life, and social interaction, the psychological impact on the patients is even worse.
    5. Seriously, it may even affect life
    Research has proved that onychomycosis can also invade the deep tissues of the human body, causing deep tissues and organs to be infected, and even endanger life.
    All in all, even onychomycosis of the feet will have serious hazards. It is not only a beauty problem, but also various problems. Therefore, it must be treated in time to avoid paralysis.


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