Don't add sugar when drinking Chinese herbal medicine

Don't add sugar when drinking Chinese herbal medicine
Don't add sugar when drinking Chinese herbal medicine

   Nowadays, when seeing a doctor, some people choose to see a traditional Chinese medicine doctor or use Chinese herbal medicine to slowly regulate their body. Because Chinese herbal medicine can fundamentally regulate the body, the cure rate of diseases will naturally be higher when the body is better. However, Chinese herbal medicine is very bitter. Some people can not drink it, so they like to add some sugar to flavor it. This is not okay. Because drinking Chinese herbal medicine correctly can have a good effect, and it is easy to affect the medicinal effect if it is messed up.
   Why can't add sugar to Chinese herbal medicine?
   1. When the patient has damp-heat symptoms such as bloating and fullness, thick and greasy tongue coating, sugar should not be added when drinking Chinese herbal medicine, because polysaccharides can help heat. After adding sugar, it is easy to produce adverse reactions and aggravate the disease.
   2. Sugars, especially brown sugar, contain a lot of calcium and iron. The components of traditional Chinese herbal medicine are complex, such as tannins and proteins. When they meet, these components are easy to combine and cause chemical reactions. Eventually, the active ingredients in the medicinal solution will become coagulated and denatured, resulting in precipitation and turbidity. Drinking such a medicinal soup is not only ineffective but also harmful to health.
   3. Different sugars have different properties, and if they are misplaced, they will also affect the efficacy of Chinese herbal medicine. For example, adding cold white sugar to a warm Chinese herbal medicine soup, or adding warm brown sugar to a cold Chinese herbal medicine soup, will weaken the medicinal properties, hinder the body from absorbing the ingredients of the medicine, and affect the curative effect.
   Therefore, it is wrong to add sugar when drinking Chinese herbal medicine. Don't add sugar for the sake of better swallowing. When drinking Chinese herbal medicine, don't add sugar, just pinch your nose and drink it all at once.


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