How to eat black wolfberry for good effect

How to eat black wolfberry for good effect
How to eat black wolfberry for good effect

   Many people will think that the effects of wolfberry and black wolfberry are the same. This is not the case! The main effect of wolfberry is that it can improve eyesight and nourish the kidney. Although black wolfberry also has the effect of improving eyesight, the main effect of black wolfberry is anti-aging.
   Not only that, if you eat black wolfberry for a long time, it can not only help you improve sleep, strengthen blood vessels, but also prevent cancer! Therefore, the health effect of black wolfberry will be much better than that of wolfberry!
   Then how should black wolfberry be eaten for better effect? There are mainly the following three points!
   1. The water temperature should not be too high
   The difference between black wolfberry and wolfberry is that black wolfberry is generally recommended to be soaked in water, and the temperature of the soaked water is also particular. Black wolfberry can not be soaked in boiling water! Instead, you should use warm water below 60 degrees Celsius or cool white water to brew, or use ice water, so that the brewing effect will be better.
   Then, why can't black wolfberry be brewed with hot water? This is because the anthocyanins and some of the nutrients contained in black wolfberry are very resistant to heat. When exposed to heat, these nutrients are useless. So if you use boiling water to brew the black wolfberry, then this eating black wolfberry has no effect.
   2. Do not eat too much
   Although black wolfberry is good for health, after all, like wolfberry, they are also used as a kind of Chinese medicine. Therefore, it does not mean that the more you eat, the better your body. Therefore, you must control the amount when brewing black wolfberry.
   If black wolfberry is overdone, it will cause swelling and pain in your eyes, and your eyesight will become worse. Generally speaking, it is about 5 to 8 grams per day. If the body has a disease that you want to treat, you can add a little more, which is about 30 grams.
   3. Taboo crowd
Often eating black wolfberry has a good health effect, but for patients with Yin deficiency, the spleen and stomach are relatively weak, and those with colds, fevers, inflammation of the body, or high blood pressure, and those who are too impatient, etc. Black wolfberry is not suitable for eating, otherwise, it will have a bad effect on health.

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