How old does the baby need to drink water, how much a day?

How old does the baby need to drink water, how much a day?
How old does the baby need to drink water, how much a day?

   According to the survey, newborn babies have a large water demand. If calculated by weight, they need a lot of water every day. Babies under 1-year-old require 120-160 ml per kilogram of body weight per day for water, while adults need 40 ml per kilogram of body weight. Therefore, in addition to a normal diet, infants and young children must also drink water frequently.
   How much does the baby need to drink water
   1. Breastfeeding baby
   There is a lot of water in breast milk. Breastfeeding babies can replenish the water needed only through breast milk, so there is no need to drink water before the half-year-old. The baby's stomach is small. Once the baby is fed water, it will make the stomach feel full, which will affect the amount of milk that the baby eats, and the body's nutrition will be insufficient. But if the baby has an abnormality, such as fever or cold, etc., needs to be fed water appropriately.
   2. Artificial feeding
   Different from breastfeeding babies, if they are artificially fed babies, they need to drink water. Because artificial feeding will increase the burden of a baby's metabolism, water is needed at this time to be able to excrete metabolites from the body. Especially in the hot summer, it is necessary to add water to the baby. The baby can choose to feed water between two feedings.
   3. After adding supplementary food
   After adding supplementary food, babies can start drinking water. Because the baby needs water to transport various nutrients to various organs in addition to supplementary food, and the products of nutrient metabolism in the body also need to be expelled through water.


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