Who is not suitable for eating chili

Who is not suitable for eating chili
Who is not suitable for eating chili

        Everyone has different tastes, some like sweet ones, some like salty ones, and some others like spicy ones.
   Every meal is cooked with some chilis and stir-fried together, consider that it's easier to eat if it tastes spicy. Although it is said that eating spicy food is helpful for appetizing, not all people can eat chili. After some people with diseases eat chili, their bodies will be greatly damaged. So who can't eat chili?
   1. Patients with hyperthyroidism
   After suffering from hyperthyroidism, the patient's heart rate is much faster than the normal person. If the patient consumes chili, it will speed up the heart rate, make the condition worse, and more likely to be dangerous.
   2. Patients with chronic cholecystitis
If people suffer from chronic cholecystitis, please avoid spicy food such as chili, because eating this kind of food will stimulate the stomach to secrete gastric acid. Once the stomach acid is too much, it will easily stimulate the gallbladder to contract and induce colic.
   3. Patients with kidney disease
   After consuming chili, the capsaicin will be ingested in the body, and this ingredient will be excreted through the kidneys. Eating too much can easily damage kidney cells. In severe cases, it may also lead to kidney failure.
   4. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients
   Chili contains capsaicin, when this ingredient is ingested into the body, it will suddenly increase blood circulation and also cause a rapid heartbeat. If a cardio-cerebrovascular patient eats a large amount of chili in a short period, it is easy to cause heart failure and eventually induce sudden death.
   5. Patients with hemorrhoids
     If a patient with hemorrhoids eats too much chili, it will aggravate the pain of hemorrhoids and cause the patient to be restless.
   6. Patients with gastrointestinal diseases
   Patients who suffer from gastrointestinal problems, such as those suffering from gastritis, gastric ulcer, and other diseases, must not eat chili. Because chili is very irritating, eating too much will stimulate the gastrointestinal mucosa, easily induce inflammation, and aggravate gastrointestinal diseases.

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