Why the more lip balm used, the drier lips

Why the more lip balm used, the drier lips
Why the more lip balm used, the drier lips

         Lips are prone to be chapped in cold weather. Many people use lip balm and essential oils to moisturize, but they find that the more they use, the chapped lips become more serious, and even lead to sensitivity, inflammation, and eczema.
         Because the sebaceous glands of the lips do not secrete enough oil, or the water temperature is too high when washing the face, it will cause chapped lips. Many lipsticks on the market have additives, and they may also cause allergies. Therefore, it is recommended to use products with the simplest ingredients, such as petroleum jelly, to prevent chapped lips.
Many people will involuntarily bite their lips, rip, cut off the skin on the lips, or even exfoliate the lips because of the dryness and chapped condition. These are all wrong behaviors that cause inflammation of the lips, and they can also form difficult-to-improve lip pigmentation. If the inflammation is mild, petrolatum will also be relieved, but if the inflammation is serious, steroid medicine can be used to improve it.
         If the lips are dry and chapped only due to winter, wearing a mask will also help moisturize the lips, but after eating, remember to wipe the corners of the mouth, but don't over-clean. Some patients have used essential oils for sterilization, but some essential oils need to be diluted. It is a DIY essential oil, and many people are allergic to essential oil ingredients, but do not know that it can also cause inflammation of the lips, so they must take oral steroids.
        If the lips are inflamed, in addition to avoiding continued licking and biting, do not eat salty, spicy, irritating foods to help the lips recover. If you have chapped lips and repeated inflammation, you can consult a doctor.

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