What should you do when you am confused?

What should you do when you am confused?
What should you do when you am confused?

   In life, many people have this experience. After a period of busyness or emptiness, they often don't know what they are doing, and feel confused about their current situation and future. So what is confusion? It means that you don't know what to do, what action to take, how to change the status quo, or even what you want, there is no beacon and no road ahead.
   Then why do you feel confused, have you asked yourself this question?
   Because you don't know what you want, or because it is difficult to get what you want, in this process, there will be a lot of frustration and a lot of confusion. So you start to get tired, start to doubt, and start to rethink the path you have to take and your choices, and think about what you want to achieve. In the end, you will not know how to go on.
   As long as you solve all the problems encountered in life, you can become the lucky one in life. If you don't solve it, you will never know what kind of person you might become in the future. The process of growth is the process of constantly recognizing and perfecting yourself and adapting yourself to the ever-changing living and working environment.
   These methods can help you out of confusion
   1. Do what you have at hand
   When you have doubts about your job, you may wish to change your mindset: give you a point for your current job, and what can you do to improve your satisfaction by that point?
   2. Start trying to do things that you are interested in, but have never had the opportunity to do
People who are confused are generally less driven and prone to anxiety. Action is the best way to reduce anxiety. You can try to take action outside of work. For example, if you always want to learn to paint, you can do it on weekends or after getting off work.
   3. Find professionals to sort out your character strengths, professional interests, professional values, and ability exploration
   The causes of confusion, either don't know enough about yourself, or don't know enough about the outside world. In addition to continuous exploration by yourself, looking for professional help is also the most efficient way.
   4. Freewriting
   Write down all your current state and thoughts. People will think a lot in a confused state. The reason for anxiety is that they think too much, but they don't have the result. At this time, you might as well write them all down. You don't need to care whether the grammar is correct, whether the words are gorgeous, whether the sentence structure is smooth, whether the font is good-looking, you only need to visualize all the messy thoughts in your mind, just like the trash that bothers you. Pour it out of your mind, and then you will feel very relaxed, and even unexpected results will appear.


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