What should patients with high blood sugar usually eat?

What should patients with high blood sugar usually eat?
What should patients with high blood sugar usually eat?

        High blood sugar (Hyperglycemia) means that the blood sugar in the body is higher than the normal range. If endocrine disorders or neurological diseases occur, the body cannot adjust the blood sugar to the normal range. In addition to taking medicine to control blood sugar, more attention should be paid to dietary regulation.
        Then what should patients with high blood sugar usually eat?
1. Bitter melon
        Bitter melon is not a popular vegetable because the taste of bitter melon is particularly bitter. Even if the bitter melon is soaked in salt water before cooking, the bitterness cannot be completely removed.
        Because bitter melon is rich in a lot of charantin and a small amount of peptide P, it has a good effect on regulating blood sugar.
2. Fruits
        There are many fruits suitable for patients with high blood sugar. The more common ones are hawthorn, kiwi, apple, banana, orange, etc. Although these fruits also contain sugar, but they also contain nutrients that are beneficial to health.
        Patients with high blood sugar can eat an apple a day, or eat a small amount of other fruits, which are very effective in improving body resistance and controlling blood sugar.
3. Tomato
        Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C and lycopene. If you have high blood sugar and diabetes, eating tomatoes regularly can not only lower blood sugar, but also effectively control blood lipids and blood pressure.
4. Mushrooms
        Mushrooms are rich in vitamins and trace elements, in addition to protein, lecithin, etc., these nutrients can play a role in controlling blood sugar.
        In daily life, patients with high blood sugar and high blood lipids should not only pay more attention to diet, but also do appropriate physical exercises, so as to effectively enhance the body's metabolic capacity, and have a very good effect on reducing blood sugar and blood lipids in the body.


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