Eating too much sodium will hurt the heart and kidneys

Eating too much sodium will hurt the heart and kidneys
Eating too much sodium will hurt the heart and kidneys

        Modern people are busy at work, and more and more people choose to eat out, but the foods eaten out are often with heavy seasonings and often accidentally eat too much sodium. When sodium is ingested too much and the kidneys are too late to excrete it, it will accumulate in the body, causing kidney disease, Symptoms such as high blood pressure, and even stroke. In order to avoid harm to the body, the people who often eat out should pay attention to drink plenty of water, which helps the kidneys to excrete excess sodium.
        Generally, people who eat out often should pay more attention to the sodium content on the outer packaging. For example, miso, kimchi, and heavy salty flavors are foods that are easy to consume a lot of sodium.
        If you eat hot pot in cold winter, you should also be careful not to drink too much soup of the hot pot, and do not put shacha sauce in the seasoning sauce. Pay attention to it in your life to effectively control your sodium intake. In addition, drink plenty of water to help the kidneys excrete excess sodium.
        The common high-sodium foods on the market, in addition to miso soup, shacha sauce, kimchi, sauerkraut, preserves, and other foods, such as sports drinks, flavored oatmeal, bread, biscuits, vegetable and fruit juices, and cold noodles, most of these foods are not salty and not strong in taste, but they are high-sodium foods. People often accidentally step on thunder, so it is important to know how to read the nutritional content of food. Before buying food next time, you can look at the nutritional composition table on the package to avoid eating too much sodium.


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