Ways to get rid of bad breath in daily life

Ways to get rid of bad breath in daily life
Ways to get rid of bad breath in daily life

        In real life, many people suffer from bad breath, which brings great obstacles to their life and works communication. People with severe bad breath will also have a lot of impact on their quality of life and mentality. Here are a few simple ways to get rid of bad breath, and hope they can help you.
        1. Hawthorn: Hawthorn has a sweet and sour taste. It has the effects of dispelling stasis and reducing accumulation, clearing the stomach, and removing sore mouth and bad breath.
        2. Honey: honey disinfects and sterilizes, moisturizes and clears the intestines, promotes digestion and removes rot, and has a good therapeutic effect on bad breath caused by constipation.
        3. Pay attention to a light diet, especially at night. Even if you eat supper, don't eat too much meat. On weekdays, you should also focus on vegetables and fruits.
        4. Pay great attention to oral hygiene, brush your teeth and gargle carefully every morning, before going to bed, and after meals.
        5. Always keep your mouth moist and drink water frequently. You can chew more gum or fresh celery or mint leaves to keep your mouth clean.
        6. Eat more fruits and whole grains, a high-fiber diet including a lot of whole-grain foods, fresh fruits, and unprocessed leafy vegetables, they help digestion and reduce the chance of bad breath.
        7. Yogurt: The latest research shows that drinking yogurt every day can reduce the hydrogen sulfide content in the oral cavity because this substance is an important factor in oral odor. Drinking yogurt on time can also prevent harmful bacteria in the oral cavity, which can cause gum disease or dental plaque, but only natural yogurt has this effect, and sugary yogurt does not have this effect.
        8. Lemon: sour, slightly bitter, with the effects of promoting body fluid, quenching thirst, and expelling heat. You can add some mint to a glass of boiling water and drink it with some fresh lemon juice at the same time to remove bad breath.
        9. Tea: Using strong tea to rinse your mouth or chewing tea can eliminate bad breath. The tea polyphenols contained in tea can kill the bacteria that cause bad breath, which can produce unpleasant volatile sulfur compounds, which is a major cause of bad breath.
        After eating garlic, lamb, and other foods, the breath is unpleasant. Use a pinch of tea, put it in your mouth, and chew slowly. The effect is very good.

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