To measure blood pressure, which hand should be chosen?

To measure blood pressure, which hand should be chosen?
To measure blood pressure, which hand should be chosen?

        With the popularization of electronic sphygmomanometers, it is becoming more and more convenient for everyone to measure blood pressure at home. Careful friends may find that the blood pressure values ​​measured by the left hand and the right hand are different. So, which hand should you choose to measure blood pressure?
1. When taking blood pressure for the first time, take both hands
        Generally speaking, the blood pressure value of the right hand is slightly higher than the left hand. Therefore, it is recommended to measure both the left and right hands when the blood pressure is measured for the first time, and the side with the higher blood pressure shall prevail.
        Many studies have found that there is a difference in blood pressure between the left and right hands, and a small number of people have higher blood pressure in the left hand. And this difference has nothing to do with left-handed or right-handed habits.
        Therefore, it is recommended to measure the blood pressure of the left and right arms during the first examination. When the blood pressure of the left and right hands are inconsistent, the blood pressure with the higher value shall prevail.
2. The blood pressure should be measured on the right arm
        The clinical measurement of blood pressure is usually based on the measurement of the right hand. Because the right hand is closer to the real blood pressure, the blood pressure of the right upper limb is generally higher than that of the left upper limb in normal people, and the difference between the two is 5-10mmHg, which is determined by the vascular anatomy and physiology.
3. Calm down before taking blood pressure
        Patients who have just finished exercise or who have experienced drastic changes in mood will feel blushing and heartbeat, which is reflected by the increase in blood pressure reaching the brain. Therefore, when the patient is preparing to measure blood pressure in the hospital, the doctor will first let the patient sit down to calm down and rest for five minutes before taking the measurement. The patients themselves also need to pay attention to this point. It is also not suitable for patients who have just gone home or just finished exercise to measure blood pressure, as the blood pressure measured in this way is not accurate.


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