How to correct stuttering

How to correct stuttering
How to correct stuttering

   For stuttering patients, language barriers and troubles often bring great psychological pressure to them. If they still suffer from stuttering in adulthood, it will cause obstacles to the patient's interpersonal communication and work. For children who stutter, many parents hope that through correction, they can stop stuttering.
   For the correction of stuttering, the more effective methods are pronunciation, breathing, Morita therapy, breakthrough, and drug therapy.
   1. Pronunciation
   When speaking, speak softly and slowly, because patients with stuttering usually speak quickly and have a heavy accent. Might as well slow down the speed of speaking, and read each word well. The beginning of the practice is only 60-100 words per minute. As the training progresses, it gradually increases. The average person usually speaks about 200 words per minute.
   2. Breathing
   Through deep breathing, the muscles become coordinated, the tension of the facial muscles is relaxed, and the mood of excitement due to speech and stuttering is relaxed, and then the words to be spoken slowly can be practiced in combination with the above-mentioned pronunciation method.
   3. Breakthrough method
If the practice situation improves, can further establish themselves with others, or even give lectures in places where there are more people. In the beginning, can organize people who are also suffering from stuttering together, give lectures one by one, and listen to other people's opinions on each other. Then a crowded place to speak, and overcome the fear of speaking in the past.
   4. Morita Therapy
   Morita therapy is a method used to treat mental illness. To treat stuttering with Morita therapy, you must first accept stuttering, give up the treatment of stuttering, be natural, and do what you want to do. Sometimes relaxing the mood will make the stuttering heal without medicine. On the other hand, it can also relieve the pressure of the stutterer.
   5. Medication
   Mainly uses anti-dopamine drugs.


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