What are the causes for not waking up in winter

What are the causes for not waking up in winter
What are the causes for not waking up in winter

        In winter, many people are listless and yawning all day long, wishing to just fall into hibernation.
So why can't you wake up in winter?
        Not waking up in winter is not only related to the season but also because people's sleep quality is not high. If you don't sleep well, it will directly lead to poor mental health.
1. Lack of Yang Qi
        Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the main reason why people can't wake up in winter is mainly because of the cold weather, and there will be insufficient Yang Qi in the human body. Once the Yang Qi is insufficient, people will feel weak and easily sleepy.
2. Lack of sunlight
        In addition to the external environment, people have fewer outdoor sports in winter and lack of sunlight, which will directly lead to insufficient melatonin secretion in the body, which will aggravate physical fatigue and poor sleep.
3. Lack of water in the body
        Winter is often relatively dry, and many people do not pay enough attention to timely drink water, which tends to aggravate sleepiness and exhaustion.
4. Have sweets
        This situation is more common among children. Children are always reluctant to get up in winter, on the one hand, because of cold, on the other hand, because of sleepiness. Parents often only urge their children to go to bed early, but they do not pay attention to letting the children eat fewer sweets. In the process of digesting chocolates, biscuits, doughnuts, and other sweets, the body's oxygen demand increases. At this time, the brain will be in a relatively hypoxic state, making it easier to get sleepy.
How can I break if I can't sleep?
1. It is important to drink water before going to bed
        It is recommended to drink water before going to bed, which can help improve dry skin and dehydration in the body. At the same time, it is recommended not to use electric heating products for a long time, which can reduce the loss of water in the body and promote sleep.
2. Go to bed early and wake up slowly
        People sleep longer in winter than in other seasons. It is best to go to bed and rest before ten o'clock in the evening. The child can be earlier. At the same time, avoid exciting activities such as playing iPhone mobile and games before going to bed, to ensure about 8-10 hours of sleep every night.
        Before going to bed, you can set the alarm for the next day a few minutes earlier than the scheduled wake-up time. After the alarm rings in the morning, you can move your hands and feet in the bed first and then wake up slowly.
3. Always difficult also has to adjust the spleen and stomach
        Difficulty getting up is mostly related to spleen deficiency and dampness. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the spleen is damp soil, like dryness and disgusting dampness, dampness can cause spleen deficiency, spleen deficiency can also produce dampness, and people will easily turn into lethargy, drowsiness, and fatigue. At this time, you can take some Chinese medicines under the guidance of a doctor to relieve.
4. Stay in the sun to stretch your muscles and bones
        In winter, many people like to stay indoors and rarely participate in outdoor activities. The time for receiving sunlight is short, limbs and bones cannot be stretched, and blood flow is not smooth. It is easy to cause insufficient Yang Qi in the body, cold hands and feet during sleep, and sleep quality will not be good.
        When the weather is good, you can often bask in the sun from 9 am to 2 pm every day, and do some slow physical exercises, such as jogging, dancing, and playing ball. Promote blood circulation throughout the body, and also make the body secrete more melatonin at night, thereby helping to sleep well and improving the quality of sleep.

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