What is the cause of yellow skin?

What is the cause of yellow skin?
What is the cause of yellow skin?

        Why do some women have ruddy and shiny skin, and some have dull yellow skin? What causes the yellowish skin of women?
        What are the causes of dark yellow skin:
        1. Food-induced yellowing of the skin: carrots, pumpkins, orange juice, water spinach, cabbage, mango, and other vegetables and fruits are rich in carotene. Excessive intake can cause carotenemia and cause yellowing of the skin. The soles of the feet are the most obvious, followed by the face and behind the ears. In severe cases, the skin can be affected all over the body.
        2. Yellow skin caused by lack of exercise: Long-term lack of exercise. The metabolism of the body slows down, resulting in the accumulation of excessive waste and exhaust gas in the body.
        3. Yellow skin caused by drugs: Long-term use of drugs with yellow pigments, such as furans, etc., can also make the skin yellow.
        4. Yellow skin caused by air pollution: Urban air pollution causes the accumulation of epidermal toxins, which cannot be eliminated normally, which makes the skin yellow.
        5. Yellow skin caused by poor blood circulation: The liver directly affects the blood vessels. If the liver is flaming or stagnant, it is easy to cause Qi and blood to be blocked, which affects the blood circulation of the face, and the skin is naturally dull and yellow.
        6. Yellow skin caused by chemical substance allergy: Harmful chemical substances such as lead and mercury contained in poor-quality skincare products can also make the skin yellow and dark.
        7. Yellow skin caused by greasy sebum: If the greasy, old cutin and dirt accumulated on the skin surface are not removed in time, the skin will turn yellow.
        8. Yellow skin caused by the accumulation of toxins in the body:
Fatigue, tension, or other physiological reasons can cause metabolic dysfunction and endocrine disorders in the human body, causing the body's waste to stay in the body for a long time. In this way, the remaining wastes begin to decay in the intestines, and the bacterial flora in the colon will continue to decompose wastes and produce toxins.
        9. Yellow skin caused by pigment accumulation: The effect of pigment is not clear, and long-term accumulation causes yellowing of the skin.
        10. High pressure in the city: In the current city life, it is commonplace to stay up late and work overtime to cause insufficient sleep, Long-term face computer work is also easy to make skin yellow and haggard
        11. Exposure to the sun: In fact, ultraviolet rays will induce melanin, which over time will cause spots on the skin.

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