How to know a person is lying

How to know a person is lying
How to know a person is lying

        Do you want to know if a person is beginning to lie? Many times do you particularly want to know if this person is lying? Everyone must hate lying, then how to know a person is lying, let's talk about it.
   1. Avoid using the first person. Psychologists believe that people instinctively avoid using the first person when lying. For example, if a friend tells you that his car broke down and therefore missed an appointment, he will often say "the car is broken" instead of "my car is broken."
   2. Avoid a certain question. Ask the liar the same question continuously, he is likely to become irritated, and he may also confess to you. "
   3. Look to the upper right. The liar never looks at your eyes, but the clever liar will stare at you. But some psychologists have found that most people look to the upper right when they are lying, but often look to the upper left when trying to remember what happened.
   4. Remember all the details. Few people can remember all the details, but liars will not make such mistakes because they have already thought of all the hypothetical situations in their minds.
   5. Raise the voice unconsciously, and raise the pitch when lying, often to conceal a guilty conscience.
   6. Force themselves to smile. The real smile is even and symmetrical on both sides of the face. It comes quickly and disappears slowly. The disguised smile came slowly, and the sides of the face were uneven. At the same time, there is no smile in the eyes of a liar.
   7. Touch their nose unconsciously. Researchers have found that when a person lies, the face becomes red, the nose becomes hot, and even a little swells. The liar will feel uncomfortable with the nose and touch it inadvertently.


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