What should I pay attention to when eating bananas?

What should I pay attention to when eating bananas?
What should I pay attention to when eating bananas?

        Bananas are not only delicious but also have a lot of medicinal value. Therefore, many people eat bananas in large quantities for the sake of health. However, we need to remind everyone that any delicious foods should be used in moderation and the correct way of eating is used. Otherwise, it will be counterproductive, not only can it not play a role in health, it may even bring adverse effects.
1. Don't eat large amounts
        Bananas contain a lot of potassium. Excessive intake of potassium can easily lead to abnormal heart function. In addition, bananas also contain a lot of dietary fiber. Eating too much can easily lead to gastrointestinal dysfunction.
2. Can bananas be eaten in winter?
        In traditional Chinese medicine, winter is the season of natural storage, and the human body absorbs nutrients more strongly than other seasons. Therefore, eating bananas in winter must be correct to maintain health. In addition, eating bananas in winter can cause discomfort due to cold in the intestines and stomach.
        Bananas are cold fruits. Generally, it is not recommended to eat more in winter. It will cause damage to the intestines and stomach. People who are prone to cold hands and feet, pale faces, pale lips, or people with weak body should eat fewer bananas to avoid diarrhea. If want to eat bananas in winter, you can peel the bananas and put in a few pieces of rock sugar. After steaming in a bowl for ten minutes, it can clear the heat and detoxify. Steaming can also reduce the coldness of the bananas and reduce the damage to the spleen and stomach.
3. Immature bananas are prone to constipation
        Everyone knows that when bananas are immature, their skins are greenish, after peeled off, so astringent that they can't be swallowed. The astringency of raw bananas comes from the large amounts of tannic acid contained in bananas. When bananas are ripe, they can't be tasted anymore. The astringency is gone, but the tannic acid is still there. Tannic acid has a very strong astringent effect, which can condense the feces hard and dry, causing constipation. The most typical case is that after the elderly and children have eaten bananas, not only can they not help laxatives, but obvious constipation may occur.
4. Eating bananas on an empty stomach can induce myocardial infarction
        Eating bananas on an empty stomach is not good for health, because there is almost no digestible food in the stomach and intestines when you are on an empty stomach. If you eat bananas at this time, it will speed up the movement of the stomach and intestines, promote blood circulation, increase heart load, and easily lead to myocardial infarction. It is generally safer to choose to eat bananas after a meal or when you are not hungry.
5. Will bananas affect osteoporosis?
        Bananas do not affect bones but are rich in calcium. Vitamin D is the main cause of calcium absorption in the body, and bananas are also rich in calcium. In addition, the nutritional value of bananas is very good. Eating bananas in moderation can help relieve fatigue, lower blood pressure, ease bowel movements, moisturize the lungs and relieve cough, protect the cardiovascular system, and soothe the nerves.


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