What is the cause of calf cramps when sleeping

What is the cause of calf cramps when sleeping
What is the cause of calf cramps when sleeping

        In daily life, many people will experience calf cramps, especially when sleeping at night, this phenomenon will be more obvious. Cramp refers to muscle spasm, a phenomenon in which muscles are forced to contract involuntarily. Once the attack occurs, the local muscles of the patient will become tight, and there will be particularly obvious pain.
        What are the causes of calf cramps when sleeping?
1. Excessive fatigue
        If in daily life, the legs are exerted too much or excessively, it will cause severe fatigue in the leg muscles. When going to sleep at night, muscle tension and fatigue are not improved, which will stimulate the muscles of the calf and cause cramps in the calf.
2. Cold in the legs
        If you catch a cold on your calf when you sleep at night, it's easy to get cramps.
3. Hypocalcemia
        Hypocalcemia is a metabolic disease, which is caused by a calcium deficiency in the body or a disorder of calcium metabolism in the body. Once suffering from hypocalcemia, the patient will show abnormal muscle spasms in daily life.
4. Poor blood flow
        If you keep your legs in a posture when you sleep at night, it's easy to cause this phenomenon. When the body maintains a posture for a long time, the veins of the legs will be compressed, which will block the return of blood. Then, it will cause the blood to pool in the legs, causing abnormal spasms of the leg muscles.
        In addition, if you are picky eaters and dietary bias for a long time, you will lack a lot of calcium in your body, which can also cause this phenomenon.
        When this symptom occurs repeatedly, we must pay attention to the conditioning of all aspects of life. In addition, it is necessary to go to a regular hospital to find out the cause of frequent cramps, and then perform corresponding treatments to avoid calf cramps.


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