Acne grows in different locations and for different Causes

Acne grows in different locations and for different Causes
Acne grows in different locations and for different Causes

        People who are in adolescence are prone to grows acne, which not only affects the image but also increases the psychological burden. In fact, adults are also deeply troubled by it, and many people have been fighting acne from adolescence to adulthood. For some people, after the acne on the face is cured, a lot of them appear again in just a few days. If you often have acne in a certain area, you can guess which part of your body is wrong by observing the growth position and shape of the acne.
1. Between the eyebrows: heart and lung function
        Causes: poor cardiopulmonary function, easy chest tightness, arrhythmia, palpitations.
        Suggestion: Do not do too intense exercise, avoid tobacco, alcohol, spicy food.
2. Nose: Digestive System
        Causes: excessive stomach fire, abnormal digestive system.
        Suggestion: Eat less cold, fried, and heavy-flavored foods. A bland diet is recommended.
        The nose belongs to the spleen and stomach, and the spleen and stomach in traditional Chinese medicine are equivalent to the digestive system in Western medicine. Acne in this part is mostly related to diet. It is common in people who like to eat high-calorie food, and the taste of eating is relatively heavy.
3. Cheek: Lung, liver function
        Causes on the right: Pulmonary dysfunction.
        Suggestion: Pay attention to maintaining the respiratory tract, and try to avoid allergy-prone foods such as mango, taro, and seafood.
        Causes on the left side: Liver function is not smooth, there is heat toxicity.
        Suggestion: work and rest normally, keep your mood happy, and don't let your body be in a stuffy and hot environment.
4. Chin: Endocrine Function
        Cause: endocrine disorders.
        Suggestion: Eat less icy food.
5. Forehead: high pressure, bad temper
        Causes: high pressure, bad temper, causing heart fire and blood circulation problems.
        Suggestion: Go to bed early and get up early, drink plenty of water.
        From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, acne on the forehead is caused by excessive heart fire, poor blood circulation, and liver detoxification. If you feel that your temper has been bad recently, you are restless, flustered, chest tight, or not sleep well, it is a sign of a hot heart. Such people are more psychologically stressed and have a bad temper.
6. Temple location: Eating too many processed foods
        Causes: Small pimples and pimples near your temples indicate that your diet contains too many processed foods, causing a gallbladder blockage.
        Suggestion: Body cleaning and detoxification are required.
7. The alae of the nose: Reproductive System
        Causes: It is related to an ovarian function or reproductive system.
        Suggestion: Don't overindulge or abstinence, go outdoors for fresh air.
8. Lips: stool, constipation
        Causes: Constipation leads to the accumulation of toxins in the body or the use of toothpaste that contains too much fluoride.
        Suggestion: Eat more fruits and vegetables high in fiber.


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