What bad habits affect people's lifespan?

What bad habits affect people's lifespan?
What bad habits affect people's lifespan?

        I believe that 99% of people want to live longer, especially when they get older, they are more afraid. Therefore, many people are studying how to live longer. Longevity is very simple and difficult. Many bad habits affect longevity in daily life. If you want to live a long life, you must stay away from these habits.
1. Smoking
        Many people like to smoke and think that smoking can relax the body, but in fact, smoking has no health benefits at all, because there are many carcinogens in tobacco, such as tar and nicotine. These carcinogens will increase the incidence of cancer, and will also attack the heart and induce heart disease. Whether it is cancer or heart disease, the mortality rate is very high. If you don't pay attention to it every day, it will shorten your lifespan.
2. Junk food
        Food is the source of supplementary nutrients for the human body, and not eating can easily lead to malnutrition. Of course, eating the right food can ensure adequate nutrition in the body. If you often eat junk food, not only will you not be able to supplement nutrients, but you will also ingest toxins, which will continue to invade your health and increase the probability of illness.
        For example, French fries, fried chicken, spicy strips, etc. All kinds of fried foods and snacks are harmful to health. Don't damage your health for the sake of temporary appetite. Otherwise, it is extremely easy to suffer from three high diseases such as high blood pressure, high blood lipids, and high blood sugar. These diseases take a long time to treat, and the disease will overdraw life and affect longevity.
3. Drinking
        People who like to drink alcohol on weekdays are prone to heart disease, liver cirrhosis and other diseases, as well as gout, depression and other diseases. Any kind of disease will damage the body, and in severe cases may even endanger life and health. Some people, when drinking, become unconscious while drinking. Such people often like to drink on weekdays, often socialize, and get drunk every time they drink, and they will never wake up again if they are not careful.
4. Stay up late
        Staying up late will affect your life expectancy. For example, the most common one is sudden death after staying up late. Often staying up late will lead to the rapid aging of the body, the rapid aging of organs and other problems, and may also lead to Alzheimer's disease.
5. Sedentary
        According to statistics, about 5.3 million people die each year due to lack of exercise. When you don't exercise often, the blood circulation will be blocked, the muscles will become slack, the immunity will be greatly reduced, and eventually diseases or even cancer will appear. Therefore, don't always sit for a long time, and move more .


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