The manifestations of women's psychological aging

The manifestations of women's psychological aging
The manifestations of women's psychological aging

        For human beings, one of the most unacceptable facts is that age will continue to increase, and every time you are one year older, it means that you are one step closer to aging. Women, in particular, cannot accept the reality of their aging in their hearts. In psychology, aging includes not only physical aging but also mental aging.
        So what are the manifestations of women's psychological aging?
        1. Laziness, lack of energy
        Often feel exhausted, restless and irritable, sleepy, and often rely on drinking to boost the spirits.
        2. Impatient
        In life, it is easier and easier to be emotional, and there are fewer and less rational elements in words and deeds. It is easier to misinterpret the good intentions of others, to not listen to other people's opinions, not to calm down, and to be on the verge of breaking out.
        3. Low efficiency
        Memory declines significantly, forgetful, indecision, lack of vigor, always dawdling, and procrastinating to do one thing.
        4. Deterioration of the sense of competition
        There is no innovative thinking about the cause, and often feel empty and boring, especially the mental workers, more and more feel powerless.
        5. Inferiority
        When being alone, often sigh, and do not contend with the world. Facing the outside world, often feel falling behind.
        6. Solitary personality
        Like to be alone and go their own way. In particular, they are unwilling to face strangers and often use excuses to avoid contact with strangers.
        7. Slow thinking
        When faced with emergencies, they are often helpless, panic, and do not know what to do.
        8. Emotional trance
        Like to indulge in the memories of the past, their feelings are fragile, emotions are childlike, sometimes hot and cold, very interested in those things that have little value, like to nag, and don't care whether others like to hear it or not.
        When a woman gets older, especially when she enters menopause, she is sometimes very sensitive to interpersonal matters. She always thinks that others are pointing at her behind her back, and she even thinks of breaking off with others completely. Experts believe that such performance is also enough to prove that women are already mentally aging.


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