How to treats hypothermia by TCM

How to treats hypothermia by TCM
How to treats hypothermia by TCM

        Many people are seriously ill or cannot be cured, often because they are not aware of their physical fitness so their Yang Qi is insufficient, and their body temperature is getting colder and colder without knowing it.
        Many people practice healthy living habits from the golden triangle of health. A cup of energy soup for breakfast, a light diet, daily exercise, and going to bed before 11 p.m., but it is puzzling that many of them still suffer from cancer.
        Many such patients pay attention to health preservation, do not smoke, do not drink alcohol, and have regular health checks, and the results are normal. However, by the time they found out they had cancer, they were all in their final stages. From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, these people are born with a cold constitution, and if they eat raw and cold food for a long time, their constitution will become colder and colder, and their body temperature is only a little over thirty-five degrees.
        According to research, a one-degree drop in body temperature reduces immunity by 40%. Body temperature can be equated with Yang Qi, which is why body temperature keeps dropping before death. The higher the body temperature, the better the immune function. For every one degree increase in body temperature, the immune function increases five to six times, and metabolic function increases by 15 percent. Whether the body is healthy or not, Yang Qi is the key. A person is dead and his body temperature must be very low.
        The study found that cancer cells grow fastest in an environment below 36 degrees, and the lower the temperature, the faster the cancer cells grow. The fastest temperature for cancer cells to grow in the human body is 35 degrees, and they will all die at 39 degrees. Generally, the hands and feet of cancer patients are very cold, and when the body temperature is measured, it is only a little over thirty-five degrees. However, some patients who think that their constitution is hot, afraid of heat, and not afraid of cold, feel very hot when they touch their hands, and when they measure their body temperature, they are only a little over 35 degrees, and they are all serious diseases such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and atopic dermatitis.
        According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, when too much cold energy accumulates in the body, it will push the Yang Qi out. After the Yang Qi goes outside because the Yang is very hot, it will cause the phenomenon of body surface heat, and the patient will feel restless and hot. But the body is cold.
        Sometimes in such patients, some tumors were originally benign, but after three months to six months, they all turned into malignant tumors. What they have in common is that they are between 30 and 40 years old, work is very stressful, and sleeps not well at night. When people are under stress, their body temperature tends to drop. Stress is unconscious, and once you get used to it, your body temperature keeps dropping.
        Traditional Chinese medicine believes that Yang Qi is an important element for maintaining life, allowing the heart, liver, spleen, lung, kidney function, or endocrine, enzymes, and other important elements to be normal. Keeping warm is to protect Yang Qi and maintain one's health and life.
        What can be done to improve hypothermia?
        1. Measure tongue temperature in the morning and drink brown sugar ginger black tea
        2. Do not forget to soak your feet before going to bed at night
        After getting up in the morning, start with measuring the tongue temperature. When you get up in the morning, if you don't brush your teeth, wash your face, or drink water, measure your tongue temperature before 8:00. The goal of health care is set at 36.5 degrees.
        After taking your tongue temperature, move your body on the bed first, then slowly get up. After getting up, drink brown sugar ginger tea to raise your body temperature, and then you can do some exercise. Ginger can promote blood circulation and help detoxification; brown sugar provides heat and is rich in minerals; black tea is fully fermented and is a hot tea, which can nourish the stomach and refresh the brain. After getting up in the morning and drinking brown sugar ginger black tea, the calories will increase, toxins will be eliminated, and if you move a little, you will sweat.
        The method is to cut the old ginger into three pieces, throw it into the boiled brown sugar water, and then put the black tea bag in it, and you can drink it after a while.


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