How to overcome the difficulty of choice

How to overcome the difficulty of choice
How to overcome the difficulty of choice

        Many people in today's society have difficulty in choosing. Although this is not a major disease, it is harmful to some extent. So how can we overcome difficulty in choosing?
        Physiologically speaking, a person with a selective phobia has very stiff facial muscles and unnatural expressions. From the perspective of mental health, a choice phobia is a mental illness that requires certain treatment. So, what should patients do to overcome a choice phobia?
1. Accept yourself and build confidence
        Many socially stressed people are caused by not accepting themselves and being unconfident in themselves. Therefore, to change, you must first accept yourself in your heart and build up confidence in yourself.
2. Don't ask too much of yourself
        Too much pursuit of perfection, too high demands on yourself, it is easy to worry about gains and losses, too concerned about what others think of you, and wanting to be recognized by others, so you lose yourself. Accept yourself as you are, and don't care what other people think. The more afraid you are of making mistakes, the more overwhelmed you will feel.
3. Don't pay too much attention to how your body reacts
        Tension is always accompanied by a series of physical discomforts. According to reinforcement theory, if we pay too much attention to the nervous response of certain parts of our body when we are stressed, it is equivalent to reinforcing our nervous behavior, and will make it aggravate step by step. And when we ignore our nervous reaction, because the tension is not noticed and strengthened, the nervous reaction will gradually subside over time.
4. Face it bravely
        In social situations, nervous people tend to show evasion, fearing that they will make a fool of themselves and not face it. Running away does not eliminate the tension, on the contrary, it makes you feel weak and makes you blame yourself so that you will be more nervous next time. Moreover, we cannot escape for a lifetime. We live in this society and must interact with people. Sooner or later, we must face it.
        To sum up, the most critical point in overcoming a choice phobia is to adjust your state. When faced with difficult choices, you must believe in yourself and make choices quickly. The longer you think about it, the stronger your inner fear is. Regardless of whether the outcome of the choice is good or bad, do not have any regrets.


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