Can lotus leaf reduce fat and lose weight?

Can lotus leaf reduce fat and lose weight?
Can lotus leaf reduce fat and lose weight?

Can lotus leaves lose weight?
        Many people have the same question. It is real that lotus leaf can help you lose weight. Since ancient times, people have regarded lotus leaf as good medicine for removing fat. There are many ways to lose weight with lotus leaf. You can eat it with other natural raw materials. If you eat lotus leaf properly, you can still see the weight loss effect. In addition, lotus leaf weight loss has certain taboos and side effects, and everyone must be careful when consuming it.
        The lotus leaf is the leaf of the water lily plant lotus, which is a natural health food for both medicine and food. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the lotus leaf has the functions of clearing heart fire, calming liver fire, purging spleen fire, reducing lung fire, clearing heat and nourishing the mind, reducing blood pressure and diuresis, astringing fluid and stopping sweating, stopping bleeding, and solidifying essence.
Lotus leaf benefits
        Modern pharmacological research shows that the chemical components of lotus leaf mainly include nuciferine, citric acid, malic acid, gluconic acid, oxalic acid, succinic acid, and other alkaline components with anti-mitotic effects, which have antipyretic, antibacterial, and antispasmodic effects. The processed lotus leaf is bitter, slightly salty, acrid, and cool, and has the functions of clearing heat and dampness, raising Yang, dispelling blood stasis, and hemostasis. Has the effect of lowering blood pressure. Lotus leaf can also significantly reduce the content of triglycerol and cholesterol in serum and has the health care effect of regulating blood lipids.
Who should not take lotus leaf?
        Lotus leaf is cold, not everyone can take it. People with spleen and stomach deficiency and weak bodies should use it with caution; women should not take it during menstruation; pregnant women, lactating women, and children should use it with caution. It should also be noted that diet therapy cannot replace drug treatment. If you have severe hyperlipidemia or obesity, it is recommended that you seek professional guidance for lipid-lowering and weight loss.
How should lotus leaves be eaten?
        The easiest way is to soak the dried lotus leaves in water to drink as lotus leaf tea, about 10 grams each time (double the number of fresh lotus leaves), put it in a teapot or a larger teacup, pour boiling water, and simmer for 10 minutes before drinking. If you have constipation symptoms, you can increase the dosage appropriately. You can also make wax gourd lotus leaf soup, remove the skin, flesh and seeds of the wax gourd, cut into pieces, take a fresh lotus leaf, wash it and shred it, add them to boiling water, and cook them on low heat.
        Lotus leaf porridge is also a good choice. You can take a fresh lotus leaf, wash and chop it, use lotus leaf juice, and cook it with about 100 grams of japonica rice; Cook on the porridge for 10 minutes, turn off the heat and simmer for 5 minutes, remove the lotus leaves, and add rock sugar to taste.


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