What foods are suitable for patients with cerebral thrombosis?

What foods are suitable for patients with cerebral thrombosis?
What foods are suitable for patients with cerebral thrombosis?

        Cerebral thrombosis is now a very common disease in our lives. After suffering from cerebral thrombosis, it will block the blood vessels in the brain, which will make our brain hypoxia, and the mortality rate caused by cerebral thrombosis is very high, so patients with cerebral thrombosis should pay attention to their daily diet. Let's take a look at which foods are suitable for patients with cerebral thrombosis.
1. Pecans
        Eating some pecans every day can reduce our risk of heart disease. Pecans are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which can strengthen and nourish arterial walls and avoid the formation of blood clots.
2. Shiitake mushrooms
        It has the effects of invigorating Qi and the stomach, promoting blood circulation, and removing blood stasis. It can lower blood cholesterol, lower blood pressure, accelerate blood circulation, and improve blood supply to the heart, brain, and microcirculation. After heating, the nutrition is not destroyed, and it has a good effect on hypertension and arteriosclerosis.
3. Celery
        It has the effects of clearing heat and removing dampness, refreshing the mind and strengthening the brain, calming the liver and cooling blood, and can reduce the content of cholesterol in the blood, and has a certain effect on the prevention and treatment of hypertension, cerebrovascular accident, coronary heart disease, etc. 5 celery roots, 10 red dates, simmer in water, eat dates and drink soup, can lower blood cholesterol.
4. Bracken
        Bracken contains various trace elements such as carotene, Vc, protein, cellulose, and more than 16 kinds of amino acids, which can restore the function of brain cells and soothe the nerves, and lower blood pressure.
5. Garlic
        Garlic can prevent cardiovascular disease, reduce cholesterol concentration, delay arteriosclerosis, enhance myocardial contractility, and prevent thrombosis.
6. Tomato
        Tomatoes contain lycopene, which can protect low-density lipoprotein from oxidative damage, reduce cardiovascular disease, reduce myocardial infarction and hyperlipidemia, and prevent arteriosclerosis.
7. Persimmon
        Persimmon contain a lot of VC, which has the effect of lowering blood pressure and protecting the cardiovascular. The vitamin content in persimmon is higher than that of ordinary fruits, which is very beneficial for heart disease, myocardial infarction, and stroke. It contains a phenolic compound that prevents arteriosclerosis and reduces the incidence of cardiovascular disease.
8. Corn
        Most of the fats in corn are unsaturated fatty acids, especially the content of linoleic acid is very high, which can help promote the normal metabolism of cholesterol in the body. We often eat corn to reduce the deposition of cholesterol in the blood vessels of our bodies, it can soften the arteries very well.
9. Eggplant
        Eggplant is rich in vitamin P, which can enhance the elasticity of our capillaries. Eating eggplant can prevent atherosclerosis and high blood pressure very well.
10. Apple
        Apples are rich in nutrients. The polysaccharide acids, vitamins E and C, flavonoids, and potassium contained in apples can well promote the decomposition of fat in our body and have a good effect on preventing atherosclerosis.
11. Papaya
        Eating papaya is not only for beauty and breast enhancement but also for digestion and heat-clearing. Papaya contains papain and enzymes. These substances can help soften blood vessels and avoid arteriosclerosis. Regular consumption of some can enhance our resistance, good prevention of thrombosis.

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