Is it suitable for diabetics to drink milk?

Is it suitable for diabetics to drink milk?
Is it suitable for diabetics to drink milk?

        At present, the incidence of diabetes is increasing year by year. Many people are afraid of eating, such as meat and milk. Every food we eat will raise blood sugar to vary degrees, but we need to delay the rise in blood sugar after a meal. Therefore, we give priority to foods with a low glycemic index and a balanced diet. So, can diabetics drink milk?
        1. Diabetic patients should not add white sugar or brown sugar when drinking milk, otherwise, it will cause the rapid rise of blood sugar and aggravate the disease, which will affect the treatment effect of diabetes. In addition, because brown sugar contains a certain amount of oxalic acid, the rich protein in milk will gel or precipitate, which will not only cause abdominal distension but also affect the body's absorption of iron and copper trace elements, which is prone to milk anemia.
        2. Diabetic patients should drink low-fat milk in moderation. Excessive consumption of milk or high-fat milk can easily lead to diseases such as arteriosclerosis. Studies have found that casein in milk can generate homocysteine, a molecule that can damage the elasticity of blood vessel walls and easily lead to hardening of the arteries, stenosis, and even obstruction of the lumen, leading to diseases such as cerebral infarction. Excessive consumption of milk can also easily induce senile cataracts.
        3. Diabetics should not drink milk before going to bed, because milk is rich in protein and calcium, and 2 to 3 hours after drinking it is the peak period of renal calcium excretion. At this time, they are in a sleep state, and the urine is concentrated and calcium in the urine. If the concentration is relatively high, it is easy to cause it to combine with substances such as oxalic acid in the urine to form urinary tract stones.
        4. Diabetic patients should choose pure milk or AD fortified milk. Do not add pure sugars when drinking milk, otherwise, it will lead to a rapid rise in blood sugar and aggravate the disease, which will affect the therapeutic effect of diabetes. Sweeteners can be used in place of sucrose if desired for flavor. The time of day to drink milk should be determined according to their respective habits. Such drinking in the morning should be accompanied by eating cereals, to play a complementary role in nutrients, but also contribute to the full absorption of various nutrients. Patients treated with insulin injections can be used as a sub-meal before going to bed at night, but the intake of protein, fat, and carbohydrates contained in milk should be deducted from dinner, and the daily supply can also be deducted.
        If the diet is reasonable, I believe that everyone's blood sugar will be controlled better and better, and I hope everyone is healthy.


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