What's the reason for farting a lot?

What's the reason for farting a lot?
What's the reason for farting a lot?

        Farting is an unavoidable physiological phenomenon. Farting too often may not be the reason why you eat beans or garlic. If you fart a lot, you need to pay attention, it may be a signal of physical disease.
        If the fart is too frequent, for example, more than 25 farts a day, or several farts can be put on for more than 10 seconds, it means that the body may have the following 5 problems.
1. Imbalanced distribution of intestinal bacteria
        The bad bacteria in the human intestine account for about 20%. The main feature of bad bacteria is that they will decompose the fat and protein that have not been fully absorbed, and then turn them into hydrogen sulfide and ammonia with odor, which is also smelly fart. If you don't eat too much fat or protein, but often stinky farts, you should pay special attention to the imbalanced distribution of intestinal bacteria, and the excessive reproduction of bad bacteria will increase and produce gas in the intestines.
2. Constipation
        When feces cannot move in the intestines, people feel that they have more gas. This is because feces are mainly composed of bacteria. The more bacteria accumulate in the body system, the more gas is released after fermentation. In addition, although some people do not have as much gas volume as others, they are more sensitive and more prone to bloating and gas.
3. Eat certain gas-producing foods:
        For example, cruciferous vegetables such as white and green cauliflower, beans, and whole grains which contain very high fiber and are difficult to digest completely. When the fiber reaches the large intestine intact, the bacteria in the intestine will use the fiber to obtain energy, and then generate gas and excrete it in vitro.
        Secondly, dairy products contain lactose. When the lactase enzyme in the human body is insufficient, lactose will be difficult to digest, resulting in abdominal distension, increased intestinal gas, and fart. And if you ingest fruits containing fructose and sorbitol, it is also easy to cause bloating and gas. As for carbonated beverages that contain a lot of gas, these gaseous matrices get trapped in the gastrointestinal tract and eventually pass out in the form of farts.
4. Eating too fast:
        Eating too fast or talking continuously during the meal may cause a large amount of gas to be inhaled. Once a certain amount is accumulated, it will be excreted by burping or farting, and the frequency of farting is high and intensive.
5. Changes in hormone secretion
        Menopausal women or patients with hormone secretion imbalance, their gastrointestinal movements are not as active as they were when they were young, and they will also experience increased gas. In general, regular exercise and taking probiotics can help with relief.
        How to improve the problem of excessive farting frequency?
        Farting is a normal and healthy physiological response, but if it is too frequent, you must pay attention and try to improve it, such as eating small and frequent meals, not overeating, eating slowly, and eating more easily digestible food; Sugar yogurt and supplementation of pro-probiotics also help to improve intestinal flora ecology, enhance digestion and reduce farting.


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