Feeling sick all over, not finding anything wrong, how to improve?

Feeling sick all over, not finding anything wrong, how to improve?
Feeling sick all over, not finding anything wrong, how to improve?

        A friend always said that he was uncomfortable, and he always felt that this was not right or that was wrong, but when asked him where the pain was in his body, he couldn't tell. Their company arranged a medical examination once, and the results of the examination showed that there were no other problems except that the blood sugar was a little high, but he still could not eat well and sleep well all day, and his mood was not very good. Although not sick, but are not the same as normal people.
        He always can't sleep well. If he goes to bed early, he can't sleep. He wants to play with his mobile phone for a while and then go to bed. When he plays, it is past 23 o'clock. He puts down his mobile phone and lies in bed staring. Felling asleep unconsciously, and have been dreaming from falling asleep to waking up. After waking up, he remember the dreams clearly, and the plots of the dreams are repeated in his head like a movie, no matter how many hours he sleep. I didn't get enough sleep, he felt uncomfortable everywhere, and felt very tired. There is light sleep, wake up with light or sound.
        No appetite at all, food tasteless in the mouth. Sometimes after eating, his stomach will feel uncomfortable and bloated.
        He is not in a good mood either, listless every day, not interested in anything.
        Feeling tired and exhausted when he does not do anything, and don't like to do anything all day lazily, and don't like to talk at ordinary times, and others don't like to say anything to him.
        He went to the hospital for examination, but didn't find any disease, the doctor said it was a sub-health state, go home and rest more, eat on time, don't stress too much, just take it slow. But after returning home for some time, he found that it was still not very good, or the improvement was not obvious, so what should I do?
        In this case, it is recommended to start from the following aspects to improve physical health and remove the discomfort from the whole body.
        Proper nutrition: The most common mistake is eating too much sugar and oil and not enough protein. Protein intake should be at least 1 gram per kilogram of body weight per day, or even more.
        Regular exercise: 30 minutes of aerobic exercise is recommended at least once every two days. Plus 1-2 heavy training and core exercises per week.
        Get enough sleep: Go to bed at the same time every day and get up at the same time. Get 6-7 hours of sleep. One hour before going to bed, do not look at any screen, so as not to be stimulated by blue light, it is difficult to fall asleep.
        Maintain a happy and peaceful mind: Avoid being too busy, nervous, disturbed, or bored. Engage in legitimate leisure hobbies, is a good way to maintain physical and mental health.


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