What are the symptoms of aging in men?

What are the symptoms of aging in men?
What are the symptoms of aging in men?

        It is a well-known natural law that the human body will gradually age with the increase of age. So what are the symptoms of aging in men? Let us know about it today.
        1. Thin and weak urine line
        Many people say that male aging starts from the prostate. In clinical practice, it is common for many men to have a strong body, but they suffer from frequent urination, urgency, pain in urination, thin and weak urination, and incessant urination. These may be the aging alarm issued by the prostate. Just like the lumbar and cervical vertebrae, the prostate will also experience degenerative changes with age, but as long as it is carefully cared for, the rate of aging will slow down.
        2. Out of breath after doing some work
        As they grow older, many men often feel that their physical strength is not as strong as before, and they are easily tired. For example, they are not as flexible as before when playing basketball and football, walking and climbing mountains is not as far as they used to be, and it is more difficult to carry heavy objects than before. Physical labor, shortness of breath, etc., are signs of aging. If you don't take these manifestations seriously, and continue to have unhealthy lifestyles such as smoking, drinking, staying up late, and lack of exercise, your body functions will decline.
        3. Increase your waistline
        If a man begins to age, the body's metabolic capacity will also decline, and the food intake cannot be consumed in time, which can be converted into fat and accumulated in the body, especially the waist and abdomen are more likely to accumulate fat, thereby increasing the waistline. Once the waist circumference of men exceeds 85cm, it can induce many health problems. Therefore, men with too thick waist circumference should reduce calorie intake, exercise more, improve metabolism, and gradually reduce waist circumference.
         4. Thinning hair
        The number of hair follicles on the scalp of men decreases as they age, so men who enter the aging period will have less hair and their hair will grow more slowly. At the same time, some aging men who have been under great mental stress for a long time will have endocrine disorders and begin to experience hair loss, resulting in thinning hair.
         5. Hearing loss
         Old people often say that when you get older, your ears don't work well, which is very reasonable. Because human organs decline with age, older people are more prone to hearing loss


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