How can you make your boss value you more at work?

How can you make your boss value you more at work?
How can you make your boss value you more at work?

        We always hear some people complain that they work hard all day in the company without getting a promotion, and they live a monotonous and repetitive life every day. However, some employees can get very high salaries after arriving at the company for less than half a year, and their positions are promoted quickly, and they work less over time than you. Why can they get the attention of leaders and stand out among their colleagues?
1. Pay attention to efficiency
        The business world is the most efficient. If you do things slowly and often fail to improve efficiency, then no matter how kind-hearted you are or how you recognize your work attitude, your boss will not value you. If you can complete the tasks entrusted to you by your boss, and then you ask your boss, 'What else do you want me to do?' If you find things to do one by one by yourself, I believe your boss will admire you.
2. Be good at performance and report grades on time
        According to a survey result. The staff favored by leaders are often those who are always in front of the leaders to perform and have outstanding achievements. Do you still want to be the silent person in the enterprise? We have to find a way to be a voice to attract the attention of leaders.
3. Distinction between public and private
        Assuming your boss is single and not much older than you, you still have to respect him, while often keeping a fair distance. Don't be too casual for being too intimate, or look down on him. Otherwise, your boss will think that you are a person with unknown public and private interests, or treat you as an immature person.
4. Proactive advice
        It is the responsibility of an employee to give opinions and suggestions to the company. Even good advice that you think will be helpful to your company may not necessarily be adopted. At this moment, you should think that the company is not alone. Your boss will see you as an employee who can give good advice, and see you as an optimist. In this way, you will have many opportunities to make suggestions in the future, and at the same time, there will be no shortage of opportunities to sell yourself.
5. Take the initiative to share the burden
        As a boss, he am busy with work every day, and I feel a great responsibility. If someone is a subordinate who can handle the work smoothly as long as he tells him the main points, his boss will send him to work, and he will feel relieved. But in fact, such subordinates are not easy to find. Therefore, when the subordinates truly understand the expectations of the boss, the boss will be very happy if they can shoulder the heavy burden of the boss.
6. Discuss more in case of trouble
        When it comes to talk, many people will think of their affairs. Suppose you are puzzled, troubled. You should try to say it to your boss and discuss it with him. In addition to money, anything can be brought up, such as problems at work, troubles at home, and emotional distress between men and women, you can discuss with your boss. Your immediate boss must be very fond of subordinates who can open up their hearts and discuss things with them.
7. Find a solution in advance
        We know that a leader faces complex and difficult problems every day, more difficult and more stressful than his staff. When many newcomers first enter a job, when they encounter a job that they cannot understand, their first reaction is not to find a solution, but to say to the leader or boss, 'I can't, what should I do?', If you often ask the leader or boss before you try, saying things are difficult, it will only make the leader more upset and emotionally worse. It may also leave him with the negative impact of 'adding chaos and poor workability'. So in the specific work, first find a way to solve it yourself. If you encounter difficulties that cannot be solved, report to the leader.

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