How can you know if a girl likes you?

How can you know if a girl likes you?
How can you know if a girl likes you?

        In the whole process of chasing girls, boys should always know clearly how girls feel about you? Only by understanding the emotional state of a girl towards you, you can make better and more correct pursuit behaviors. Many boys have encountered such a situation, that they get along well with girls, but they are rejected when they confess to girls. After thinking about it for a long time, they can't figure out this problem. So what are the signs that a girl likes you?
1. When talking to you, which direction is her body facing?
        No matter how she smiles and speaks gracefully, to know if she has a crush on you, please first look at the direction of her body. In the case of sitting, even if her upper body is inclined towards you, as long as her feet are facing in the opposite direction of yours, or tucked up properly, it means that her heart has not given you yet.
        If you are standing and talking, then observe the distance between the two. Generally speaking, within 50 centimeters, it is an intimate distance. But let's slow down and take a look at her body language. Is it defensive? For example, is she holding her arms? If not, she's not wary of you.
2. How to say goodbye
        It's about to leave. For example, you have already arrived at the station. You walk away in both directions. After she walked out two or three steps, did she turn around to see you? If she just walks away like this and doesn't look back, it means that you are just friends.
3. Eyes don't lie
        Ask her the simplest question first, what she likes to eat and what she doesn't like to eat. What you need to observe at this time is her line of sight. NLP, which studies neuro-language, has a set of gaze theory, which believes that when people have two emotions of liking and disgust, the direction of their eyes is unconscious, but specific.
4. SMS frequency
        You are still in the mood testing stage, try to send mood text messages that have nothing to do with work or business. If you reply immediately, it means that she care about you, if she reply within two or three hours, and add a sentence, 'I'm busy with work, I'm sorry I just saw it', etc., you can continue to pursue. On the contrary, I suggest you give up.
        If she often exchanges text messages with you and likes to send photos, such as which store she is in now, what interesting things she sees, etc., her goodwill will come out.


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