Can the disease of the body be seen from the lunula on nails?

Can the disease of the body be seen from the lunula on nails?
Can the disease of the body be seen from the lunula on nails?

        Usually, we will find crescent-like marks on the root of the nails. There are also different changes in the crescent-shaped things. Some people have more, some people have less, and some people have different colors. After the situation is different, it will make people worry, fearing that there is a problem with the body. We always hear people say that the more lunula on the nails, the better the health, and some people say that more lunula means lack of some kind of nutrition, so what does it mean?
        The small lunula that everyone is talking about is the newly grown keratin cells on the nails. The human body needs metabolism, and the nails are no exception and need to be replaced. During the renewal process, if the cells in the middle of the nail grow faster and the growth on the sides is slower, so that the old cells cannot be replaced in time, after being squeezed, it will become a crescent-like thing that does not become transparent, which is the small crescent that we can see with the naked eye.
        Can the lunula detect a physical disease?
        If the lunula on nails suddenly grows larger or disappears suddenly in a short period, it means that there is a problem with the growth of the nail.
        Suddenly accelerated growth or sudden stagnation, our first thought is the problem of the thyroid. Then be careful if you have a problem with your thyroid. People with hyperthyroidism have a rapid metabolism, and the growth of nails is no exception. Therefore, there will be a lot of nails that are already a little hard but not yet translucent, and as a result, the lunula will become larger and larger. In people with hypothyroidism, the metabolism becomes very slow, the growth of the nails is also slow, and there are no new keratinocytes, so the lunula on nails becomes smaller and smaller, or disappears.
        Of course, people who are already seriously ill are malnourished, extremely thin, and sometimes have stagnation of nail growth.
        The lunula on nails appears to change in different colors, and you should also pay attention to it. The normal lunula on nails is white, and the entire nail is ruddy and shiny, and there is nothing special about it. If you find that the color of the lunula on nails has turned yellow, it can be seen that it may be time to check the liver or thyroid. The color of the lunula on nails is brown, which cannot be ignored. Be careful that there is a kidney problem. If you understand it early, it will not make the problem serious.
        When looking closely at the lunula on nails, it is found that there are speckle-like deletions in the lunula. Don't be careless, it may be a skin-related problem, such as lichen planus, or alopecia areata. No matter what kind of situation it is, it should be paid attention to, and it is best to deal with it as soon as possible, otherwise, it will also bring harm to health.


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