Why is your hair always greasy?

Why is my hair always greasy?

        Most people want to have clean, fresh hair, which can give people a good first impression, and if the hair is always greasy, it will naturally detract from their image.
        Many people have trouble with greasy hair. Even though they have paid special attention to cleaning their hair, they even wash their hair every day, but their hair still becomes greasy very quickly. So why does this happen?
1. Hormonal changes
        Maybe your problem is the increased production of oil due to hormonal changes in your body. It is recommended to consult a professional doctor, maybe you need to take some conditioning drugs to help control hormonal changes.
2. Comb your hair too often
        Although it will make your hair look silky and smooth, it can cause oily scalp problems and carry the oil secreted by the scalp to the ends of the hair.
3. Touch your hair frequently
        If you often stroke your hair with your fingers, you must correct this bad habit as soon as possible. You must know that your fingers will be contaminated with a lot of bacteria and various oils, which will make your hair greasy.
4. Washing your hair too often
        The reason why many people wash their hair more and more oily, is that they wash their hair too often. Frequent and excessive cleaning of the hair will wash off the protective oil on the scalp, and the sebum will start to secrete oil when it receives the signal of oil shortage, making the hair more and more greasy.
5. Misuse of conditioner
        Many people use conditioners after washing their hair to make the washed hair smoother. When using conditioner, do not apply it directly to the scalp, otherwise, it will make the hair more greasy and irritate the scalp.
6. Eat greasy and spicy
        Modern people like high-calorie and high-fat foods, which are greasy and spicy, which will stimulate the secretion of sebaceous glands. And staying up late, playing computer for a long time, fast-paced life, high-intensity work pressure, etc., will affect the human body's endocrine system and aggravate the oily scalp.