If the liver is not good, what changes will occur in the hands?

If the liver is not good, what changes will occur in the hands?
If the liver is not good, what changes will occur in the hands?

        As an important organ of the human body, the main function of the liver in the body is to detoxify, maintain the body's metabolism, and then ensure the normal operation of the body. At the same time, it also has more than 500 functions and plays an important role in the human body. If the liver is abnormal, the metabolism of the body will be affected first, followed by other organs irradiated by it. In the long run, it is very likely to deteriorate into liver cancer.
        If the liver is not good, what changes will occur in the hands?
1. Sweaty hands
        Increased hand sweating is caused by insufficient blood in the liver and slow metabolism of the human body. It should be noted that the abnormal situation of a sudden increase in palm-sweating is often a symptom of liver damage to a certain extent and the superimposed symptoms of complications. If you find that your palms suddenly become more sweaty, it is best to go to the hospital for examination and treatment to avoid further deterioration.
2. Palm
        In addition, after the palm is pressed, it turns white faster than normal people. At the same time, at the root of the thumb, there will also be congestion, redness, and other phenomena, usually flaky redness.
3. Middle finger mutation
        Observe the condition of your middle finger. If the fingertips of the middle finger are relatively thin, and there are gaps between the finger seams, it is likely to be caused by insufficient liver Qi. If there is such a situation, you should pay attention. If the situation is serious, it may lead to the appearance of fatty liver. Therefore, if this situation occurs, it is best to have a check in time.
4. Nail abnormalities
        In traditional Chinese medicine, if our nails are relatively hard, it is a sign of sufficient liver blood. But if the nails become very brittle and easily split, it means that our liver blood is insufficient and the muscles are not nourished.
        If you have one of the above situations on your hands, then you should pay attention. In normal times, it is necessary to strengthen the protection of the liver and to do a related check in time. It is also important to note that your work and rest habits are very important, and try to avoid staying up late.


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